Benefits of Content Delivery Networks for Your Website

Different strategies are being used by different web developers to make a website more catchy and attracts more web traffic. However, all the features and sophisticated contents on a site will not be useful or beneficial to the owner if they cannot reach their target audience or market at their desired time, in short latency. Now that internet users are not only using desktop computers, but mobile devices as well to download video, audio files and even in live streaming, latency issues become more complex.

In search of a remedy to the growing issues like choppiness, loading lags and poor quality, especially when viewing live events or if they are located far from the hosting servers. Content Delivery Network or CDN came into being and has revolutionized web hosting by providing the following benefits:

Confronted Latency

Latency: the amount of time it takes for the host server to receive, process, and deliver on a request for a page resource; it depends largely on how far away the user is from the server. CDN minimizes the transcontinental electronic hops, especially for websites that targeted global market by providing local data centers.

Edge Cache and Pre-Cache

A CDN caches static resources in distributed servers across a region or worldwide, thereby bringing resources closer to users and reducing round trip time. Also, there’s a high probability that someone visiting your pages has already visited a site using the Google CDN. Therefore, the file has already been cached by your browser and won’t need to be downloaded again.

Maintain Strong and Manageable Web Traffic

CDNs help to deliver better user experiences when downloading video and audio content with the help of different domains, in effect a single CDN permits the browser to download four files at the same time.


Though you have a great hosting, getting real will not do you harm, can you honestly compete or at least be on the level of sophistication of Microsoft, Google or Yahoo in terms of capacity?  Now different innovative CDNs offer a growing selection of competitive products and newer technology that plays well with other technologies such as real user monitoring (RUM).

In conclusion, customers expect flawless video images and fast processing speeds. Companies that want to stay competitive need the benefits of delivering lots of content globally without delays. At 540 Design Studio we have implemented CloudFlare CDN. Acquiring CDN for your website might cost more than single-server hosting, however, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks it fixes.