The SEO Benefits of WordPress

Now a days every other person is addicted to internet. It is being used on smart phones, tablets, computers etc. Ever wonder why?  It has to do with variety of information brimmed there. Everybody has their interests and every one wants to learn more and more being it random knowledge or on specific topic. This makes internet free flowing source of information accessible by anyone.

WHAT IS WordPress? is a blog service provider which provides you with free space to write blog. People provide information on topics they want you to learn. The blogger has an opportunity to elaborate his thinking and facts and convey his information or message to his readers. WordPress is a elegant way to do this. It is a open source project started in 2003 for blogging purpose, but with time it beautifully evolved as full content management system. Through you can download the core software and create your own website. Entire websites are built on WordPress including elaborate photo gallery websites and eCommerce websites. The popularity of this open source software is booming! WordPress currently runs more than 66 million websites. Some of those sites include CNN, TechCrunch and Forbes.


SEO( search engine optimization) is very good for WordPress, thanks to it’s SEO friendly URL structure. It is strictly made upon following the search engine guidelines which makes it easier to be picked up by search engines.

Permalink customization: A permalink defines how your URL looks. You can alter the structure of permalink according to your liking and add keywords according to every post you make. Thus making it easier for search engines to index WordPress sites.

Highly customizable: WordPress themes are highly customizable. Many people are not aware, but search engines, such as Google, takes page loading speed into consideration while indexing. WordPress themes are not only customizable but allow for changes to the core and theme codes to loads faster making them competing for better rank in SEO.

Built-in RSS Feeds: WordPress has a built-in Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed support. This is prime for SEO because this will allow your content to go to a feed directory with a link coming back to your WordPress site. When you publish a post on WordPress, it will get syndicated to other feed directories, where other readers can subscribe to your feeds and they will be get a notification whenever you post a new content.

Clean codes: Having clean codes is crucially important for SEO. If codes are clean, blogs will be displayed neatly and will consume less resources on servers. It will result in faster loading of pages. It will not only please the user but will also make the work of search engine bots a lot easier.

Facility of using tags: WordPress provides you with facility of using tags. Even hyperlinks and images have meta-tags in them. It not only gives a bonus navigation option but also help search engine bots for indexing your posts in a relevant manner.

These are the top reasons why number of WordPress users are increasing day by day. Its simple, effective and very SEO friendly.